Glimpses 2012



On Friday June 15th, ‘Glimpses’ will commence its fifth season with an opening show in the Mahone Bay Centre in support of the Settlers Museum.

The show will then continue its long standing run in the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic in Lunenburg, starting on Tuesday July 10th, with performances every Tuesday and Thursday evenings through to September 13th.

The performances start at 7.30 pm and are approximately 80 minutes long. Admission by donation.


We are very proud to say that ‘Glimpses’ is now one of the longest running shows on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.


Last year, this popular production, which takes an exciting and entertaining look at our history through scene and song, was played out to full houses for most of the summer period. In recognition of the fact that many people were unfortunately turned away from full house performances, the Fisheries Museum has extended the Theatre to accommodate 100 extremely comfortable seats. This air-condition theatre makes a wonderful setting for the show.


Obviously, a lot of our history IS exciting, entertaining and funny without any help from us. However, history also has many sad and dour events. Every historic event we perform and each song we use to enhance the story has been researched and written by our cast ‘past and present’. We put entertainment first without losing any of the factual information, even though we do embellish some skits with a bit of imagination.


We feel that ‘Glimpses’ has now become an integral part of many visitors experience of Lunenburg County. This unique show has been watched and supported by many local folk, which in itself is a huge endorsement for its popularity.

If you have yet to experience the show, please try to catch a performance this year and see for yourself what we have to offer. We don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

All performances this season are in memory of Sarah Allen.

For past show photo’s click here 


At The Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg.

Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm.     From July 10th to Sept 13th.

Aprox length. 80mins.

Admission by Donation:

With part of this years proceeds going to Habitat and the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic.


In alphabetical order because we’re all equally important.

Jon Allen. Dave Brumwell. Bruce Fensham. Sharon Jackson. Dan Jaworski. Liesje Letson. Janet Rae. Annie Stockdale. David Young.


 Hank Middleton.


Ina Allen.

Video Production.

David Friendly.


Vignettes.                                                 Lyrics and Music by:

This is my Town.                                                         Jon Allen.

Lunenburg Township.                                         Hank Middleton.

A Visit to the Doctor.                     Hank Middleton & Dave Brumwell.

Sack of Lunenburg.                                        Dave Brumwell.

Young Teaser                                                        Jon Allen

Mistress to the Sea.                                             Hank Middleton.

Oak Island Mystery.                                            Dave Brumwell.

Romantic life of a Fisherman.                         Hank Middleton.

Sophia.                                                                      Jon Allen.

The Reo.                                                                   Hank Middleton.

Oxen Song.                                                           Hank Middleton.

Captain Angus.                                                        Vince Morash.

Change my Hat.                    Dave Brumwell.    Music Hank Middleton.

The Monument.                                                 Vince Morash.

Gallows Hill.                                                   Jon Allen.

Arthur Tanner.                                                      Sherry Dean.

Earl Bailey.                                                                  Hank Middleton.

Sausage Loving Alien.          Dave Brumwell.   Music Brumwell/Cochrane

Down in Lunenburg.                                        Hank Middleton.

This is our Town.  (Reprise).                                Jon Allen.

Comments from previous years.

D D.                            New York City.            Excellent. The Spirit was terrific!

A M.                              Brantford, Ontario.                                        Amazing!

R M.                                     South Dakota.                                    Thanks – great show!.

N R.                                    Garden Lots                                          Just loved it.

C V.                                   Manila,   Philippines.                          Fantastic Job!

C H.                             Toronto and Vancouver.             Absolutely delightful!

A G.                             Ottowa.   Ont                                    Awesome singing!

D & F S.                              Halifax.    N.S.                                         Entertaining, Informative!

F K & A A.                  Princeton N.J.            Bravissimi! Thank you for your      stories and your beautiful voices!

S Z.                              Lunenburg.                                        Wonderful Show!

J R.                              Halifax. N.S.                                 Marvellous and so original!

C S.                            Arlington, VA.            Better than Broadway. Super Duper  Cool!!

C B.                             Bermuda.                                       Very moving. Illuminating!.

W & P T.                         Edmonton, Alberta.                                 Outstanding!

E & C C.                          London, England.                                      We loved it!

P M.                             Bavaria, Germany.                                  Great show!    

N W.                             Lunenburg.                                          This is our Town.

H & E S.                       Scotland & Lunenburg.                   Wonderful show!

R & V W.                      Huntington.   CA.                                        Great!

B & A P.                       Fredericton.    N.B.                         Absolutely fab. Great show.


Thanks to Ralph Getson and The Fisheries Museum and to South Shore Players costume department.

For further information, please contact us


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