Glimpses 2008

‘Entertainment, laughter and history through scene and song’

We are pleased to announce the very first season of ‘Glimpses’. This original show has been written to give an insight into the history of Lunenburg County in a thoroughly entertaining way.

‘Glimpses’ is a series of short vignettes, telling stories with fun, laughter and song.

We hope visitors and locals alike will enjoy this unique show, suitable for all ages, being performed in the Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg.

The performances will take you on an emotional ride through our history and covers some defining moments as well as some everyday events. The presentation is complemented by some very relevant slides.

All the songs are original from the pens of Jon Allen, Dave Brumwell, Sherry Dean, Hank Middleton and Vince Morash. Admittance will be by donation, with a portion of the proceeds going to local historical societies.

Performance Dates: July 4th to Aug 31st. With shows every Tuesday and Friday at 7.15pm. & 8.30pm. Sundays at 3.30pm & 4.30pm at The Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg.

Approx. length. 45 minutes.

Our thanks go to Fisheries Museum, for their wonderful support, and to the museum curator Mr Ralph Getson for his local knowledge and assistance during the writing of this show.


In alphabetical order because we’re all equally important.

Jon Allen, Dave Brumwell, Helen Currie, Kevin Dean, Sherry Dean, Lyne Hoeg, Vince Morash, Annie Stockdale.


Hank Middleton and Derek Pelley.


Ina Allen.

Vignettes. Lyrics and Music by:

This is my Town.                                               Jon Allen.

Sack of Lunenburg.                                          Dave Brumwell.

Captain Angus.                                                    Vince Morash.

Mistress to the Sea.                                          Hank Middleton.

Gallows Hill.                                                         Jon Allen.

Arthur Tanner.                                                  Sherry Dean.

Mary Celeste.                                                       Dave Brumwell.

Get Your Dory Rory.                                       Vince Morash.

Monument.                                                           Vince Morash.

October 31st 2001.                                            Jon Allen.

This is our Town (reprise).                       Jon Allen.

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