Glimpses 2011

The ‘Summer Troupe’ will start its fourth season of ‘Glimpses’ on Tuesday July 5th at the Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg, with performances every Tuesday and Thursday evenings through to September.

The success of the show this past three years has taken us by surprise with so many of the 2010 shows being performed to full houses. Judging by our comments book, the show is hitting the right notes with people from all corners of the globe.

2011 will again see some exciting changes to the show, with some new faces and a number of new vignettes, in our endeavor to bring fresh material on a yearly basis. We also have some interesting changes to a few of the older skits.

For show photo’s click here

Performances. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 7.30pm

From July 5th to Sept

At The Fisheries Museum of the Atlantic, Lunenburg

Approx length. 1hr 20mins

Admission; By donation

With part of this years proceeds going to the Lunenburg Heritage Society and the Lunenburg Art Gallery


In alphabetical order because we’re all equally important

Jon Allen, Dave Brumwell, Arielle Detraz, Sharon Jackson, Dan Jaworski, Liesje Wagner Letson, John McGee, Janet Rae, Annie Stockdale, David Young


Art Cole, Hank Middleton & Jude Pelley


Ina Allen

Vignettes. Lyrics and Music by:

This is myTown                                            Jon Allen

Lunenburg Township                              Hank Middleton

A Visit to the Doctor                                  Hank Middleton & Dave Brumwell

Sack of Lunenburg                                      Dave Brumwell

The Young Teaser                                       Jon Allen

Mistress to the Sea                                      Hank Middleton

Oak Island Mystery                                   Dave Brumwell

Bluenose                                                           Hank Middleton

Saw Mills.                                                          Jon Allen.

Romantic life of the Fisherman       Hank Middleton

Earl Bailly                                                        Hank Middleton

Sophia                                                                 Jon Allen

Change my Hat                                            Hank Middleton & Dave Brumwell

Mighty LaHave                                            Hank Middleton

Oxen Song                                                       Hank Middleton

Monument                                                     Vince Morash

The Reo                                                             Hank Middleton

Down in Lunenburg                                Hank Middleton

Sausage Loving Alien             Dave Brumwell. Music Brumwell/Cochrane

This is our Town.  (Reprise)              Jon Allen

‘GLIMPSES’ hits the spot with locals and visitors!

The ‘Summer Troupes’ 2010 production of ‘GLIMPSES’ came to an end on September 16th to a standing ovation from another full house at the Fisheries Museum, Lunenburg. The 26 show run started in early July with performances every Tuesday and Thursday to enthusiastic and mostly full houses.

This original show (with all songs and scripts being penned by our cast) has proved a wonderful way to give visitors and locals alike a ‘glimpse’ of the colourful history of this area through scene, song and much laughter. We entertained while people learned. Our audiences laughed at the funny and quirky incidents. They often cried at the more tragic tales our vignettes touched upon, and they cheered the antics that our cast got up to.

We have had people from all over the world come to see ‘Glimpses’ and our ‘audience visitor book’ is full of sincere comments about the show and the area, a glowing testament to this wonderful part of the world and its residents. Many of these visitors also took away a DVD of the show, which includes an amazing slide show of the area put together by David Friendly, as a constant reminder of the beauty Lunenburg County has to offer.

The success of this amazing year seems a far cry from our first month in 2008 when on more than one occasion our cast of 10 acted and sang our hearts out to an audience of just 2 people. Even at that low point we believed wholeheartedly in the show and it wasn’t long before the people of Lunenburg County started to get behind ‘Glimpses’. This production would not have been such a great success without the support of The Fisheries Museum, hotels, restaurants, B & B’s, store owners, local residents and all the local Boards of Trade.

Many people have asked how and why ‘Glimpses’ came about. The show was derived one evening in 2007 when Vince Morash, Jon Allen and Dave Brumwell were idly chatting.

As all three were involved with local theatre groups Dave Brumwell asked why there was very little theatre activity in the area during the summer months. The answer was simple enough; to produce a theatrical production usually takes a huge amount of time, effort and money, plus would need a large number of people to bring it to life. Not too many people want to give up part of their valuable summer months by volunteering their time on a production. However, Jon Allen told said that he had been involved with a group in Ontario who performed ‘sea shanties’ with stories and narration. Jon, Vince and Dave have all written songs, with Jon and Dave having penned theatrical shows. So, along with Sherry Dean and local musician, songwriter and historian Hank Middleton, they decided to try to write about the history of the area, combined with acted out sketches and songs. To make things as simple as possible they decided to forgo elaborate costuming and simply change hats to depict different characters. As for sets, we use one wooden chest. Thus with a small group of 11, plus some hats and a wooden chest, ‘Glimpses’ was born.

We thought the show would be a great way to inform visitors about the area’s proud history and also raise some funds for the local Heritage Societies. As a store owner in Mahone Bay I constantly hear visitors saying there is nothing to do in the evenings, so now they have a little something.

We then approached the Fisheries Museum who kindly allowed us to use their theatre as our base, and the rest, as they say, is history. Glimpses will return in 2011 for its 4th year.

Thanks to Ralph Getson and the Fisheries Museum

And to South Shore Players costume department

For comments about the show, please visit previous ‘Glimpses’ pages

For further information, please contact us


Bridgewater Bulletin 2008:‘Glimpses’ to provide evening entertainment

Bridgewater Bulletin 2009:‘Glimpses’ returns to centre stage this summer

Bridgewater Bulletin 2010; Editor’s Page: ‘Glimpses’ hits the spot with locals and visitors

South Shore Now 2011. ‘Glimpses’ opens with Museum fundraiser


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