Nothing Like a Quiet Weekend

‘Nothing Like a Quiet Weekend’ A British -type comedy Comedy/ Farce

Henry Ford and Melissa Carr want to spend a quiet weekend away where they can plan their future together. The Blue Danube Hotel is a small private Hotel, off the beaten track. It is owned by George and Georgina Roland. George, who stutters, is very much under his wife’s thumb. Also residing at the hotel is the Colonel, George’s eccentric father. The Colonel still thinks that he is fighting the war. Employed by the Rolands is Ella, the maid. She is good-natured but talks non-stop and is always on the lookout for gossip. As other guests arrive, each with their own unique character, it becomes apparent to Henry and Melissa that this will not be a quiet weekend. Reuben McIver, an acquaintance of Henry’s arrives first. He immediately sets his sights on Melissa. Henry’s mania for crosswords leads to misunderstandings especially with Melissa. Next to arrive is Dame Agatha Pemberly, an aging thespian with an eye for the dramatic and a wicked sense of humour. Alice Tooting, another guest, is looking for a husband. She tends to be accident prone. Last to arrive is Patrick Jarvis. He is a lawyer who specializes in personal injury cases. Alice is a perfect candidate! She has her eye on Reuben, who doesn’t reciprocate. Then Alice has her ‘accident’ and Reuben seems to be to blame. Patrick sees a lucrative law suit in the making. Alice settles ‘out of court’ for a ‘consideration. Henry finally makes up with Melissa. In between, of course, there are all sort of hilarious situations.

This comedy made it’s theatre debut at the Pearl Theatre, Lunenburg in May 2011.


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