THAT PENIS THING 2: The Second Coming 2012

2012 Season

THAT PENIS THING 2: The Second Coming

Written by: Dave Brumwell, Sherry Dean and cast.    

Directed by: Our Cast.

It is with immense pleasure and excitement that we can confirm the follow up production to ‘THAT PENIS THING’ will make its eagerly awaited run this spring. The original show netted $36,300.00 for many local community organisations throughout Nova Scotia and we sincerely hope that our brand new show ‘THAT PENIS THING 2: The Second Coming’ will add at least as much again to the coffers of these needed and deserving projects.

Many Fire Halls, Community Centres, Health Centres, Royal Canadian Legions and other Non Profit Groups have benefited from these shows. Good causes have raised money while their audiences had a great night out sometimes laughing so hard they had minor bodily accidents.

Whether you were lucky enough or not to see the original show, please don’t miss out on this second offering. If, ‘like me’, you are reluctant to see a follow up show because it rarely lives up to your expectations and ends in disappointment, I urge you to give this one a try. The writers have worked immensely hard to ensure this production lives up to, and hopefully surpasses the first, a tough task as the first show was such a huge success.

One of the unique things about this show is the writing procedure. A structure is written which is then work-shopped and critiqued by all 9 of the cast and crew. Many ideas and suggestions are made before the scripts are re-worked and finally rehearsed. Basically, if it’s not funny to us, it’s binned.

We invite you to see the results for yourselves at the following Venues.

Saturday March 24th.       Bridgewater Legion.              Show-time; 7:30 pm

On behalf of:        Bridgewater and Area Performing Arts Society.

|Ticket contact details; Paul Rochford 531-2103 or |


Friday March 30th.       New Germany Legion.              Show-time; 7:30 pm

On behalf of:        New Germany Royal Canadian Legion.

|Ticket contact details; New Germany Legion 644-2320 |


Saturday March 31st.           Chester Legion.                   Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Chester Royal Canadian Legion.

|Ticket contact details; Chester Legion 275-3315 |


Saturday April 14th.                 Blockhouse Fire Hall.          Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Blockhouse Fire Department.

|Ticket contact details; Paula MacDonald 624-8993 |


Friday April 20th.          New Ross Community Centre.           Time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     New Ross Forties Community Centre.

|Ticket contact details; Phillip Broome 689-2942 |


Saturday April 21st.     Martins River Community Hall.      Time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Martins River Fire Department.

|Ticket contact details; Hilda Hiltz 624-8767 |


Friday, April 27th.         Petite Riviere Fire Hall.           Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Petite Riviere Fire Department.

|Ticket contact details; Robert Croft 688-2140 |


Saturday, May 12th.           Liverpool Fire Hall.             Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Liverpool Fire Dept

|Ticket contact details; Steven Parnell 354-4292|


Friday, May 25th.                      Sackville Legion.                  Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Society of Bastet.

|Ticket contact details; Lyne Hoeg 476-4207 |

Tickets available from: Venus Envy. 1598, Barrington Street. (Cash only)

                           Riding in Style Leather. 512, Sackville Drive. (Cash only)


Saturday, May 26th          Westfield Hall, Westfield.          Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Westfield Community Centre.

|Ticket contact details; Judy Frail. 682-2400.|


Friday, June 1st          Mahone Bay Legion.          Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Mahone Bay Swimming Pool.

|Ticket contact details; Anne Stevens 624-6309 |


Saturday, October 20th          Bridgewater Curling Club       Show-time;7:30 pm

                On behalf of:     Bridgewater Curling Club

|Ticket contact details; Steve Patterson 624-8636. 

e-mail  |


Although our 2012 spring run is full, if any community project wishes to put on a future performance of the show in your local town or village, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our cast of 4 men, 4 beautiful ladies and 1 technical genius take great pride in the fact we are offering you a locally written and extremely original show. Also, we are pleased to say that most of the shows have been performed to full houses, some selling out three weeks early due to overwhelming demand. Although we are obviously pleased with the response for tickets, we are concerned that a number of people who want to see the show may miss-out. So if you are thinking of catching a performance, please get your tickets early.

For this years show photo slide show click here

For more of this years show photo’s click here

For original show photo’s click here

CAST (Alphabetical – ‘cause we’re all important’)

Dave Brumwell, Jonathan Crouse, Mark Hughes, Lyne Hoeg, Dan Jaworski, Melissa Mansfield, Alexi Payzant, Anne Stockdale

CREW (Equally important but in a class of his own!)

Wookie Hoeg


In the News:

That Penis Thing 2; “Revitalized” 2012.

The Editor’s Diary: “That Penis Thing”, by Vernon Oickle, SouthShoreNow, March 23, 2010

“That Penis Thing” makes triumphant return, article by Robert Hirtle, SouthShoreNow, March 16, 2010

“That Penis Thing”‘, Notes from the Culture Vulture, article by Lisa Cochrane, Chester Clipper, March 31, 2009

“That Penis Thing” takes subject to new heights, article by Robert Hirtle, SouthShoreNow, March 17, 2009

Click here to read Understanding “That Penis Thing”,

Dave Brumwell’s letter to the Editor, Bridgewater Bulletin April 21 2009

For further information see ‘That Penis Thing’ archives pages, or  contact us.


3 Responses to THAT PENIS THING 2: The Second Coming 2012

  1. Dan Jaworski says:

    Very nice website. Very informative. Can’t wait for the Second Coming!

  2. Steve Patterson says:

    Hey Dave,

    Here in Mexico discussing The Second Coming, did you tell me the New Ross show was going to be the closest for the Valley folks? A couple here at the resort, not with us, but saw the first edition in Berwick want to see the Second Coming, give me shout asap.

    Your friend, Steve Patterson

  3. D C says:

    The show was fantastic and the cast is just as equally fantastic. Would just like to suggest possibly using microphones with speakers at the back of the crowd. Since the show is so hilarious, when you are sitting at the back it made it very difficult to hear over the laughter.

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