That Penis Thing 2009

2009 will witness the arrival of ‘THAT PENIS THING’.

This original, locally written and unique production will be enjoyed by men and women of all ages.

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Yes, it’s a risqué title for a risqué show, but how could we call it anything else.

It’s all about that amazing organ that has been the butt of billions of jokes throughout its existence. Now we dare to take a show on the road, and not only poke fun at it, but positively highlight its many malfunctions in a truly side-splitting fashion.

Five Guys and four lovely ladies will thrill audiences with a Monty Pythonesque look at the organ thatwomen adore and men refuse to discuss,at least as far as its malfunctions go.

This production is not a male repost to the Vagina Monologues, and is not pornographic or obscene, it is just plain funny.

The show will raise much needed funds for various community projects, so please get along and enjoy a few hours of wonderful entertainment whilst supporting your local community.

It will also raise awareness for a number of issues that may inflict that part of the male anatomy and which us guys find hard to seek help about.

What a great deal! You get all this while laughing so hard your sides will ache for a week.

Written by: Dave Brumwell.       Directed by: Sherry Dean.

Performed by;

‘Something Completely Different Players’

Brief synopsis. ‘That Penis Thing’ is an adult ‘Pythonesque’ show, approx 90 minutes duration, plus intermission. It takes an extreme and comic look at the trials, tribulations and very occasional success stories of that wonderful male organ ‘the Penis’. It is a no holds barred, hilarious ‘Monty Python’ view of all things penal. It is a series of different sketches covering as many subjects as possible within the timeframe. We see it as a ‘Road-show’ to be taken to many varied venues and places.

Expected Audience. We believe our audiences will consist of both genders, with a probable bias to the female of the species. There is always a fascination about the opposite sexes interesting parts, even more so when their malfunctions are being highlighted in a comical way. The boys will have to fight hard to get seats.

Also the ‘Baby Boomers’ are getting up there and will be able to relate to these maturing malfunctions, so we also see them coming to see it. Thank you God for giving us the ability to laugh at our-selves.

Possible Venues. As we plan to take this show on the road, and perform in many venues such as, ‘Theatres’, ‘Fire-halls’, ‘Royal Legion Halls’, ‘Clubs’, ‘Community Centres’, ‘Arenas’ and ‘anywhere’ (within reason) that asks us to put on the show. We wish to use our shows to raise funds for certain charities and organisations, and are talking with various local community projects to see if they would like to take this opportunity to partner us in putting on our show.

Subjects Covered. Masturbation.  Non-Erection.  Size does count.  Impotency.  Sperm matters.  Priapism.  Premature ejaculation. Male bonding and mickey taking.  Lack of pubic hair.  Testosterone poisoning.  S.T.Ds.   Depressed Penis.  Mr Penis and Ms Vagina.  Names for Penis. Sperm Bank. Urinal etiquette, Vasectomy. Plus many more.

Tickets $15.00

2009 Show Venues and dates.

Sat April 4th 2009     Sold Out

Martins River Fire Hall

Fri April 17th 2009    Sold Out

‘Sexual Health Centre’ at the Days Inn. Bridgewater

Sat April 18th 2009   Completed

Conqueral Bank Fire Hall

Fri May 1st 2009   Completed

Mahone Bay Centre

Sat May 2nd 2009    Sold Out

Blockhouse Fire Hall

Sat May 9th 2009    Completed

Palooka’s Boxing club

Fri May 22nd 2009     Completed

Blandford Com Centre

Sat May 23rd 2009    Sold Out

New Ross Legion

Fri May 29th 2009    Completed

Chester Dooleys

Sat May 30th 2009    Sold Out

Petite Rivier Fire Hall

Sat Sept 26th 2009    Sold Out

Chelsea Fire hall


(Alphabetical – ‘cause we’re all important’)

Dave Brumwell, Jonathan Crouse, Kevin Dean, Sherry Dean, Katrina Emino, Joe Gallant, Lyne Hoeg, Dan Jaworski, Anne Stockdale.


(Equally important but in a class of his own!)

Wookie Hoeg

Writers note from our first show program.

Good evening everyone. Thank you all so much for coming to witness our show and for supporting Martins River Fire Auxiliary. This is the very first showing of ‘THAT PENIS THING’ and all the cast and crew have been working hard these past four months to bring you a show that is at the very least ‘Different’.

The subject matter has ruffled a few feathers in Lunenburg County, mainly due to its title (evidently the word ‘Penis’ makes people a little uncomfortable). I am not entirely surprised at this, although it is strange that some young men and women of the sixties who struggled to get us freedom to at least say the word ‘Penis’ have matured slightly and now find it offensive. Luckily most of us have taken it in our stride and are okay with it.

This show is not meant to be the male answer to the ‘Vagina Monologues’. It is much more a comical look at the trials and tribulations and occasional success stories of that wonderful male organ that all you ladies love and cherish but also like to poke fun at.

All I can say in defense of us Guys is, ‘IT DOESN’T ALWAYS WORK EXACTLY HOW WE’D LIKE IT TO, EITHER’. The difference between us being, you girls know when it’s not standing up to the task, whereas we have no idea if your Girly bits aren’t really in the mood. There is no real evidence, other than we might not get a kiss goodnight afterwards. So, enjoy the show girls, but give us a break now and then.

As for the Guy’s I have to say a big WELL DONE. As this is the first show you really have no idea as to its content. I’m sure there is an amount of trepidation or at least discomfort in exactly what the show will throw at you. PLEASE DON’T WORRY, our show is not meant to embarrass anyone, other than the cast. Just sit back, have a couple of beers and enjoy the show. You may just leave a tiny bit wiser than when you came in.

Cheers. Dave Brumwell.