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“That Penis Thing”

Written by; Dave Brumwell.     Directed by; Sherry Dean.


Last year’s tour helped raise over $16,000.00 for local community projects, and now — IT’S BACK.

‘That Penis Thing’ will be touring again this spring and promises even more laughter, with a new cast member and some new skits.

If you missed out on this stunning and original Nova Scotia production last year, please don’t let the same fate befall you again. Written by Dave Brumwell and Directed by Sherry Dean, the show has taken the South Shore by storm with many people going to watch it two, three and even four times. One lady commented that she missed so much through laughing, that she had to see it twice more before she saw the complete show.

‘That Penis Thing’ is an adult ‘Pythonesque’ show which takes an extreme and comic look at the trials, tribulations and very occasional success stories of that wonderful male organ ‘the Penis’. It is a ‘no holds barred’, hilarious ‘Monty Python’ view of all things penile. It is a series of different sketches rather than a continuous play, covering as many subjects as possible within the time-frame. It has been written as a ‘Road-show’ and has been taken to many varied venues and places.

Well, the show certainly seems to be proving its worth. Not only has it brought in some much needed funds for South Shore communities, it is also raising awareness about men’s sexual health problems. Some just slightly embarrassing but more importantly, some serious issues too. The whole cast and crew have tried hard to get the message out that although the show is ‘ADULT VIEWING’ only, it is NOT pornographic or out to embarrass anyone. Sherry Dean explained, “The word ‘Penis’ still appears to be taboo and probably always will make people a little uncomfortable. But it is a part of every man’s body and without it none of us would be here reading this. How can anything that important be considered an improper subject to put in print or to provide us with a couple of hours of entertainment and fun”?

Both men and women have flocked to see ‘That Penis Thing’ and last year the shows were mostly sold out early on. So if you are planning to take in a performance this spring, please get your tickets early.

Admission: Tickets are $15.00 with half of the proceeds going to the community project.

Running Time: Approximately 2 hours, plus intermission


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Dave Brumwell, Jonathan Crouse, Kevin Dean, Sherry Dean, Lyne Hoeg, Dan Jaworski, Alexi Payzant, Anne Stockdale.


(Equally important but in a class of his own!)

Wookie Hoeg

Upcoming Shows 2010:

Saturday, March 27, 2010.
Liverpool Fire Hall
| contact Byron 354-3824;

Friday, April 3, 2010.
Chester Legion
| contact Legion 275-3315 | Tickets available at: Chester Legion; Calvin’s TV; Hubbards Home Hardware; The Deck (Blandford)

Saturday, April 10, 2010.
Pearl Theatre, Lunenburg
| contact Jonathan 543-1218 | Tickets available at: Bridgewater Pharmasave; Kinburn Pharmacy, Mahone Bay; Fulton’s Pharmacy, Lunenburg

Saturday, April 17, 2010.
Mahone Bay Legion | contact Lisa Sampson 624-6167 | Tickets available at: Mahone Bay Legion; Kinburn Pharmacy, Mahone Bay; Ali’s General Store, Blockhouse; Shoppers Drugmart, Bridgewater.

Saturday, May 1, 2010.
New Ross Legion
| Paul 689-2663; Legion 689-2650

Friday, May 7, 2010.
Lakeside Fire Hall, Myra Road | Contact 830-6127; 830-7850; 876-2718

Saturday, May 15, 2010.
Bridgewater Legion
| contact Laroy 530-5436; Jean 624-8207; Legion 543-9016

Saturday, May 29, 2010.
Petite Riviere Fire Hall
| Robert Croft 688-2140

Some comments from last season.

Too amazing to see just once. (S.T. Amherst)

My face hurt for a week from laughing so much. (B.C. Lunenburg).

The funniest thing I’ve seen… Ever! (84 year old Lady from Bedford)

I almost wet myself laughing. (V.M. Dartmouth)

Friends said this show was hilarious. They were Sooooo right. (C.H. Martins River)

I’ve seen ‘That Penis Thing’ 3 times and it just gets funnier. (E.H. Bridgewater)

The show has now helped raise almost $30,000.00 for community projects.

“That Penis Thing” is an adult “Pythonesque” show written in Nova Scotia. It takes an extreme and comic look at the trials, tribulations and very occasional success stories of that wonderful male organ “the Penis”. It is a no holds barred, hilarious “Monty Python” view of all things penal.

The show is presented as a series of different vignettes rather than one continuous play, which means it can be adjusted to suit any length of time required. The play covers many subjects, including masturbation; erectile dysfunction; size; priapism (a permanent erection); premature ejaculation; testosterone poisoning; penis hygiene; penis names; urinal etiquette; sperm banks, impotence; and much more.

Even though the title is fairly explicit as to the content, it is not pornographic or obscene. We have had many people of all ages and genders, from 19 to 89 that have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the production is building up quite a following with many shows selling out well in advance.

It has been written as a “Road-show” and has been taken to many varied venues.

Audiences. Our audiences have consisted of both genders, with a slight bias to the female of the species. There is always a fascination about the opposite sexes interesting parts, even more so when their malfunctions are being highlighted in a comical way. We have had many people come to see and enjoy the show more than once.

Also the “Baby Boomers” are getting up there and are able to relate to these maturing malfunctions. We have had a large number of them coming to see the show. Thank you God for giving us the ability to laugh at our-selves.

Venues. Up until now we have concentrated our efforts on the South Shore of Nova Scotia although next spring we will be performing across the province. As we are set up to take this show on the road, we can easily perform it in many venues. We use the shows to raise funds for ‘non-profit groups’, ‘charities’ and ‘community organisations’, and have now raised close to thirty thousand dollars.

Cast. Our experienced cast consists of 4 males and 4 females, plus we have one technician. For our road-show we organise everything ourselves. That includes lighting, sound, props, sets, costumes and any other needs. We ask the shows organisers (local community organisations) to provide the venue and take care of promotion and ticket sales and any other in house needs.

October 2010 Up-Date.

The latest showing of “That Penis Thing”, due to take place on Nov. 6th at Bridgewater Curling Club has sold out three weeks early due to overwhelming demand. Although we are obviously pleased with the response for tickets, we are aware that a number of people who wanted to see the show have been disappointed. However, we will be doing a limited re-run of the original show again next spring (dates and venues to be arranged). So please watch this space.

The new production, THAT PENIS THING ‘The Second Coming’, is being written and work-shopped at the moment and is planned to hit the South Shore in spring 2012. Originally the new show was planned for 2011 but in order to ensure the second production is as good, if not better than the first, we decided that patience would be the best policy.

The show has now helped raise almost $30,000.00 for community projects.


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