That Penis Thing 2011

2011 Season

“That Penis Thing”

Written by: Dave Brumwell     Directed by: Sherry Dean

Here we are again at the beginning of another exciting year. This will be the third year for ‘That Penis Thing’ and the show is still getting rave revues from its audiences.

We have now raised $29,230.00 for many local community projects, whilst giving folk two hours of non-stop laughter and joy. What better way is there to raise funds for these important and often essential local associations.

A lot has been written about ‘That Penis Thing’ (all good as far as we’re aware) but you can’t read ‘laughter’. This show has to be experienced at least once, just to prove that no matter what age you are, you will laugh your socks off. Men and women from 19 to 89 years old have enjoyed this production, many seeing it 2, 3 or even 4 times.

We don’t embarrass anyone other than ourselves and the show is not pornographic or obscene. Yes, it is rude. Yes it’s all about the ‘Penis’. And Yes, it is incredibly funny.

This year may well be the last chance to witness the original show, as we are already well on the way to completing the follow up show called ‘THAT PENIS THING’ the ‘Second Coming’ which is due to hit the road in Spring 2012.

Our cast of 4 men, 4 beautiful ladies and 1 technical genius take great pride in the fact we are offering you a locally written and extremely original show. Also, we are pleased to say that most of the shows have been performed to full houses. Our last performance at ‘Bridgewater Curling Club’ on Nov. 6th sold out three weeks early due to overwhelming demand. Although we were obviously pleased with the response for tickets, we were concerned that a number of people who wanted to see the show have been disappointed. So if you are thinking of catching a show, please get your tickets early.

This year we only plan to do a small number of performances of the original show due to the new production being written and work-shopped at the moment. It is planned to hit the South Shore in spring 2012. Originally the new show was planned for 2011 but in order to ensure the second production is as good, if not better than the first, we decided that patience would be the best policy.

If any community project is interested in putting on a performance of the original show in your local town or village please contact us as soon as possible.

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Shows booked for 2011 so far

Saturday,  March 19th 7.00pm

Hubbards  Lions Club | For tickets call 857-9845 |

Saturday, April 9th 7.00pm

Bridgewater Legion for the Centre Scolaire de la Rive-Sud, Paris Trip

| For tickets call Lisa  624-6167 | Bridgewater: Shoppers Drug Mart & PharmaSave | Lunenburg: Fulton’s General Store | Mahone Bay: Kinburn Pharmasave | Liverpool: J.M. Reynolds Pharmachoice | Blockhouse: Ali’s General Store |

Saturday, April 23rd 7.00pm

New Germany Legion | For tickets call Legion 644-2320 |

Friday, May 6th 7.00pm

Mahone Bay Legion | For tickets call Patricia McGill 624-0603

Saturday, May 7th 7.00pm

Berwick Legion | For tickets call Legion 538-9340 after 4.00pm | Gary 538-3220 anytime

Tickets:  $15.00 all shows

CAST (Alphabetical – ‘cause we’re all important’)

Dave Brumwell, Jonathan Crouse, Kevin Dean, Sherry Dean, Lyne Hoeg, Dan Jaworski, Alexi Payzant, Anne Stockdale

CREW (Equally important but in a class of his own!)

Wookie Hoeg

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