Premiered on April 4, 2009
SOLD OUT at the Martins River Fire Hall

This show has now helped raise over $36,000 for community projects.

“That Penis Thing” is an adult “Pythonesque” show written in Nova Scotia. It takes an extreme and comic look at the trials, tribulations and very occasional success stories of that wonderful male organ “the Penis”. It is a no holds barred, hilarious “Monty Python” view of all things penal.

Penis Poster TemplateThe show is presented as a series of different vignettes rather than one continuous play, which means it can be adjusted to suit any length of time required. The play covers many subjects, including masturbation; erectile dysfunction; size; priapism (a permanent erection); premature ejaculation; testosterone poisoning; penis hygiene; penis names; urinal etiquette; sperm banks, impotence; and much more.

Even though the title is fairly explicit as to the content, it is not pornographic or obscene. We have had many people of all ages and genders, from 19 to 89 that have thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and the production is building up quite a following with many shows selling out well in advance.

It has been written as a “Road-show” and has been taken to many varied venues.

Audiences. Our audiences have consisted of both genders, with a slight bias to the female of the species. There is always a fascination about the opposite sexes interesting parts, even more so when their malfunctions are being highlighted in a comical way. We have had many people come to see and enjoy the show more than once.

Also the “Baby Boomers” are getting up there and are able to relate to these maturing malfunctions. We have had a large number of them coming to see the show. Thank you God for giving us the ability to laugh at our-selves.

Venues. We have performed in various venues across the province. As we are set up to take this show on the road, we can easily perform it in many venues. We use the shows to raise funds for non-profit groups, charities and community organisations.

Cast. Our experienced cast consists of 4 males and 4 females, plus we have one technician. For our road-show we organise everything ourselves. That includes lighting, sound, props, sets, costumes and any other needs. We ask the shows organisers (local community organisations) to provide the venue and take care of promotion and ticket sales and any other in house needs.


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